Not Today, Satan…

Today I woke up to a text from a babysitter canceling. The last time I wanted to go to a networking event, my babysitter canceled. The last time I wanted to have dinner with a girlfriend without kids... yep, another sitter canceled. In my recollection, I've hired sitters 20 times this year and perhaps THREE [...]

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The Shocking Truth About Baby Einstein & The Mozart Effect

Thinking I would have some profound effect on my nieces and friends' babies brains, I spent an inordinate amount of money on "Baby Einstein" DVD's over the past decade or so. It wasn't until I began reading books as a new mom that I realized two things:  I didn't want my own child watching TV [...]

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The Truth About Birth Weight and IQ

When I was pregnant, I spent inordinate amounts of time reading, singing, playing music, and reciting poems in several languages to my fetus.  He's pretty smart... but it turns out my efforts probably have nothing to do with it. I've recently learned a lot about what actually helps your baby's brain develop in the womb... [...]

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Baby Sign Language Demystified

When my son began wanting to express himself (desperately) he learned a few words, such as “doggy”, “mommy”, and “daddy”. But we found that he still whined and wailed when he couldn’t get outside, ask for food or milk, or even let us know he was done eating. My husband and I chose to teach [...]

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