Vulnerability Is The New Black…

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You know, I just had an incredible morning.

I just got off a call with a fascinating business owner who expertly trains people in New Zealand and Pakistan to drop multiple dress sizes in two weeks with a fitness bootcamp that has been called “the country’s best” by multiple news outlets.

But his global personal brand that just isn’t getting traction…

Which is why I’m going to give you a secret that I’ve used to close clients before we even talk on the phone.

… and it isn’t what you’ve probably heard in other “training” programs.

The truth is, today you don’t have to be:

–  The most beautiful
–  The most polished
–  The best graphic designer
–  The most intelligent

But what you MUST be to engage your potential clients and followers is this: REAL.

I thought I was the cat’s meow when I taught myself graphic design skills and website coding.

I thought, “wow, now I really look like a pro.  People are going to “trust” me because of how professional I look.”

One week went by.  Then a month.  And then a whole year…

Tens of thousands of dollars in integration to look professional got me one thing: fake followers.

They “saw” the beautiful content I created, but they didn’t have a connection with ME as a leader and business coach.

Then one day I did something that scared me to death…

I started doing “Live” videos.

And let me tell you, it was a bit clumsy at first.

But it began to get easier and easier.

I even found that the more I “fumbled” around, the more people engaged with my materials and called me for appointments!

In fact, I took on so many new clients that I stopped offering coaching for a while just to do 90 minute business strategy sessions with people… it’s all I had time to offer!

Let me tell you, having too many prospects is a GREAT problem to have.

What you’ll find in current marketing psychology is that people aren’t looking for your product, they’re looking for a company or person they can trust with their hard-earned money.

If I’m having a hard day, I create vulnerable content around it.

If I’m irritated with a toxic psychology or mindset I’ve encountered, I share that frustration with my followers.

They see the HUMANITY behind my brand.

How are you showing your followers that you aren’t just trying to “sell them something”?

How are you illustrating the fact that you really CARE about the people you want to bless with your business?

How can I help you create a face to your beautiful brand?

Are you looking for a phenomenal business plan that will bring more money into your business in less time?  Schedule an appointment with me so that you can join my extended family of radically happy clients!

To wealth, health, freedom, and happiness,


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