How To Cast Love Spells on Everybody Around You…

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Do you know what purpose you were BORN to fulfill?

When you wake up in the morning and take that first sip of coffee, are you filled with a sense of confidence, clarity, creativity, and connection to something larger than diaper changes, nap times, baseball practice, and carpools to the world?

Or are you filled with dread for a day of meaningless “busywork” and obligations?

What guides or inspires you?

Do you just “get through the day”, or do you thrive in your unique, magic calling?

Every.  Single. Mom. has a Magic Power.  It is your life’s purpose.

It is the unique contribution that ONLY YOU can make to this earth.

It’s a smile that causes a butterfly effect of love and kindness in your town and country every day.

It’s the wisdom you share that services as a healing salve for friends going through tough times.

It’s a healing touch you have through herbs and natural medicines to help people function at their highest physical and cognitive level.

Your purpose actually has nothing to do with your role as “mom”, “wife”, “daughter”, “sister”, “doctor”, “engineer”, “make-up artist”, or “musician”. 

When you feel like you’re ‘vibing’ with friends or fulfilling something that makes the world a better place, you get glimpses of your unique magic power.

Here’s one of the scariest things I’ve learned in my years running a mommy business:

Moms lose touch with their unique Superpowers after motherhood.


We blame it on the demands of motherhood.
We blame it on how busy the kids keep us.
We blame it on debt.  Our unstable marriages. 
Or maybe we just don’t know what we love anymore.

Motherhood, in all it’s sweetness, has a way of clouding our vision of our own personal power.

But you’re a Sorceress.  A Magician. A Superhero.

Your personal identity and purpose is your magical power.

You can cast Love spells on everybody around you no matter where you are.

You don’t have to be “working” to fulfill your life’s purpose.

But you have to make sure you don’t lose your unique Superpowers in the demands of motherhood.

Do you want that feeling every morning that you’re doing exactly what you’d choose to do, even if it wasn’t your “job”?  

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