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Do you want to become a powerful Influencer online?

Then listen closely…

If you’re like me, you can basically anticipate what every YouTube video, IGTV, and webinar on the planet is going to say.

If you search online, you can find a plethora of experts touting methods that have worked for them to make impact and money online.

The problem we have isn’t a lack of information.

The problem we have as entrepreneurs is a lack of HOW to apply that information to our own businesses.

Jay Shetty recently said that if more information were the key, we’d all be “billionaires walking around with six-packs”.

Cheeky, but true.

What I’ve found people need is one-on-one leadership that helps them apply information to their specific target markets, psyches, and desires.

You deserve to turn your passions into profits.

You deserve to have success from your superpowers.

And this month, I’m finally taking some time to do group business coaching designed for powerful entrepreneurs who want to make a massive impact online.

It’s called the Online Influencer Academy.

It breaks my heart when somebody starts a business only to fail after just a few short months.

It hurts even worse to see people posting content for hours a day, never to make an impact on people who need them.

Allow me to show you how I’ve amassed a following of over 23,000 engaged people on Instagram alone, and a thriving series of private Facebook groups for my clients where they come back again and again for training.

If you want to become an Influencer in your field, then listen closely.

Whether you have a yoga studio, a real estate practice, a coaching or consulting business, or an MLM, you have a message that deserves to be seen.

I want you to grow, thrive, and flourish.

The Online Influencer Academy is a twelve-month program designed to help you get your business in the spotlight, where you and your genius belong.

Here’s what we’ll do to get your “online business degree” this summer:

      • LIVE coaching sessions with me for your first month in the program.  We’ll include recorded audio versions for your commute at work, as well. You will become part of my inner circle and we’ll even have a private Facebook Group together where you can bring your questions any time, day or night.  If you’ve ever wanted the chance to develop a personal relationship with me and ask me your questions, Online Influencer Academy is the place to be.

      • 12 Months LIVE Training because there’s nothing worse than investing in a course and then never putting it to good use!  For 365 days I will personally keep you accountable to reaching your business goals.

      • 24-7 Support: One of the biggest reasons we fail to meet our goals is a lack of Community. What’s so incredible about the Online Influencer coaching community is that you have the brains of other members to pick, and we’ll add new genius members monthly. You’ll be apart of a community with dedicated, personal cheerleaders to answer your business questions.  This will be a curated, carefully-moderated group of professionals with NO ads, NO pushy sales people, just high-level content designed to help you thrive.

      • Transform Your Networking Circle: Jim Rohn said that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with.  However, our friends and family don’t have the same growth mindset that we do.

      • The $3,000 Suite of Business Training Programs by Stephanie As a gift to every participant in this summer’s program, I will share with you the full-suite of my business and mindset training programs; the compilation of my life’s work with some of the world’s most successful marketing and mindset experts.

***In order to keep this group beneficial for everybody, I will carefully curate the members so that we can thrive together as friends and powerful leaders.  Online Influencer Academy members must apply to enroll here.**

There’s a Reason People Aren’t “Making It” in Business

👯‍♀️ People want and need a professional business coach to help them grow, scale, and monetize their businesses, but they can’t swallow the investment of a one-on-one session.⁣⁣
🤦‍♂️ I totally understand – starting a business is expensive – especially your time costs!⁣⁣
🙅‍♀️🙅‍♂️ I don’t want you to waste precious time doing the wrong thing with the wrong plan.⁣⁣
😿 It’s the reason 97% of entrepreneurs QUIT before they monetize their businesses!⁣⁣
🥳 But you’re different.⁣⁣..

Why You Need To Start NOW…

Ten years ago when I began working full-time in direct response marketing, my mentor at an online publishing company handed me a stack of books as a gift on my first day on the job.

Included in the stack were books we now see as “classics”, including “The Four Hour Work Week”.

I thought I could read those 7 books and become an expert.

Why *I* Will Help *You* Grow Big…

Ten years after that first internship, I’ve mentored under the world’s top marketers.

I’ve run near million-dollar companies in the online marketing space…

I’ve spend tens of thousands on my own coaches…

I’ve devoured dozens of $2,000 information products on business and online marketing…

I’ve developed dozens of information products for myself and other companies

I’ve ghostwritten nearly 30 books

I’ve created at least 200 websites

I’ve coached SCORES of men and women on business and branding…

I’ve built two influential Instagram Accounts with over 10,000 followers

Making Money NOW…

If you want to run a successful online business, you need 10,000 hours to become an expert in the art of online marketing.

But what if you need to make money NOW?

I’m excited to finally, for the first time ever and due to incredibly high demand, run a month-long business coaching program where I’ll share the highlights of 10 years running businesses, building products, developing converting offers, dialing in sales funnels, and developing the mindset it takes to build a profitable business with magnetic online presence.

Why Do We Work In Groups?

👫 Working in a group helps you save thousands off my normal coaching rates, TBH 🙂

👫 Working in groups allows you to learn by others who are invested in supporting you.

👫 You will build lifelong business and personal relationships with other Conscious Entrepreneurs

👫 Working in groups allows you to continue your coaching in our Private Facebook group for years after your paid membership ends

👫 Our Private Facebook Group will be lovingly and professionally moderated by me, so that you can continue asking questions and working with me for years as your business and prosperity grow!



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