Not Today, Satan…

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Today I woke up to a text from a babysitter canceling.

The last time I wanted to go to a networking event, my babysitter canceled.

The last time I wanted to have dinner with a girlfriend without kids… yep, another sitter canceled.

In my recollection, I’ve hired sitters 20 times this year and perhaps THREE times they didn’t cancel on me.

Here are a few things I did TODAY not to let a shitty morning ruin the rest of my day…

Turn Obstacle Into Opportunity

One of my favorite books is Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle Is The Way.

This book is the bible for turning shit into sugar.

He bases a lot of the book off thoughts by Marcus Aurelius and other ancient Roman Stoic philosophers.

Since I read this book and began my journey of listening to one Stoic meditation almost every morning this year, I have taken my natural Superpower for Optimism and turned it into a serious FORCE.

When I choose not to feel anxiety about things…

When I choose to think clearly…

When I choose to take deep breaths instead of allowing stress to cloud my mind’s ability to unfuck myself…

Even the shittiest circumstances become my strength.

Trust There Is A Reason For Everything…

This morning when my babysitter canceled (par for the course), I immediately challenged myself to make something BETTER than working at home happen.

Here’s a raw look into my thought patterns:

“I can always bring him to an at-home daycare my friend runs…”

“It’s actually $20 cheaper than a sitter coming to me…”

“Maybe this woman wasn’t going to be healthy for him, or me, energetically.”

“God, I trust your Protection and Wisdom.”

“I can go to a coffee shop if I bring him to the at-home daycare…”

“Oooh… and have an excuse to get actually dressed today…”

“It’s good for me to try new sitters out…”

“I will meet people if I work at a coffee shop…”

“I I am determined to take a new client this morning…”

“And I will meet her at the coffee shop…”

And do you know what?

I wasn’t at the coffee shop for 30 minutes by the time I had a meeting with a new prospect looking to hire me for not one, but two big projects.

I manifested the frump outta today and turned my trial into triumph.  #likealadyboss

The Surprising Science of Smiling

I can’t believe how powerful smiles are.

Even if it is a forced smile, when you curl up the corners of your lips, endorphins immediately flood your brain.

It triggers dopamine, which accelerates your body’s feeling of bliss and euphoria by triggering your reward nerve centers.

Go On A Rampage…

Author Jack Canfield, who wrote Chicken Soup For The Soul, encourages you to go on a gratitude rampage.

Gratitude is enormously powerful for changing our attitude and rewiring negative thoughts.

Gratitude is the new black. Watch this by clicking the photo above.

Superwoman School expert Allison Waddell talks about how important gratitude is in the photo above.

If you don’t have time to watch this quick three minute video about gratitude, here’s an idea.

First, think about things you’re grateful for in general.

“I’m so grateful I have a job.”

“I’m grateful my child slept through the night.”

“I’m grateful for this great hair day.”

“I’m grateful for that new bracelet I splurged for this weekend.”

“I’m grateful that the weekend is coming/ or over!”

Now give thanks for the very thing that’s pissing you off.

“I have a flat tire, but I have a car!”

“My child is tantruming, but he’s healthy!”

“My husband is acting like a tool, but he was so helpful this weekend watching the kids.”

Harvard Health notes that gratitude is linked with greater happiness.

After all, how could you actually be sour when you’re able to turn that frown instantly upside down?

Be With People Who Speak Your (Love) Language…

When I’m sad or exhausted, I love hugs.

I will let the grocery store clerk hug me.

I’ll squander my wiggly son and hug him until he screeches.

I’ll let my mechanic hug me.  Well, maybe not my mechanic.

Another love language of mine is quality time.

During my most pissed off moment of this entire year, my boyfriend and I went rock climbing.

I love quality time, and even though people were pissing me off, I climbed well and was happy to have company while I focused on something challenging that diverted my attention from the people who were hurting me.

After the climb we bathed in some nearby hot springs and I got out a great cry.

Sometimes feeling love in the way I am designed to receive it helps me turn my attitude around miraculously fast. and even process anger or sadness I’m struggling with.

How are you able to turn around your anger or sadness without making a mess of business, things, and relationships in your life?

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