Doing Less To Get More “Done”: My Keys To Self-Care…

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Are you getting enough self-care?
I find that I need between 15-30% of my “work” day to be self-care oriented.
It can be “productive”, or it can be napping.
I work for a few hours in the morning, then workout, run, hike, lift weights or do yoga.
As I’m luxuriously getting ready, I prepare to film or take photos while listening to a book that covers the material I’m about to film about or write about. this way, my self-care routine has a bit of total me time but then eases me back into another two hours of productivity in the afternoon before I pick my kid up from daycare.
It works tremendously well and it makes my days SO much less long.
Self-care is CRITICAL to relaxing into your feminine state and receiving the most important direction from Source.
We manifest MORE when we do LESS!
Check out this free Lesson from to see how Harvard-trained expert Emily Rose uses this technique of “relaxing” in her feminine state to make MORE money in her business and call more productivity into her life.
By |2019-03-18T14:49:03-05:00November 29th, 2018|Self-Care|0 Comments

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