7 Steps To Finding Your Life’s Purpose

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I feel so grateful to live in a time when individuals and businesses have the luxury of “worrying” about their purpose in life.


It sure beats worrying about merely surviving and getting food on the table, and may appear to some to be a “first world problem”.


Many experts have even chided millennials for being “entitled” for want of a deeper meaning and satisfaction to their life’s work.


“You have to start somewhere!  Usually at the bottom! Just be happy you have a paycheck!  Life isn’t easy, nor fair!”


We’ve all heard the limiting stories, but nevertheless, it seems to be ingrained in every human across generations to “live for something”.  To have deeper meaning, purpose, passion, and pleasure in their own existence.


Over the past two years, I’ve taken nearly 200 individuals in private coaching and focus groups to learn one thing: what makes people happy?


Overwhelmingly, money doesn’t beget happiness; but living your life’s purpose does.


Even after reading dozens of books on the subject of finding one’s purpose myself, the concept still seemed obscure or even frivolous… until very recently.


I began running Vision Board retreats in my local area and had the opportunity to meet with dozens of men and women who felt “stuck” in a sort of Groundhog Day existence, and wanted to sink their teeth into something more satisfying.


Being a research junkie, I compiled all my notes from napkins, scribbled in books, blogs, articles, social media comments and voice recordings to come up with the most authoritative answer to one of the world’s most esoteric questions.


What’s your purpose in life?


Here’s what I found…


Your life’s purpose isn’t your job.

You identify as a teacher, artist, stylist, engineer, accountant, attorney, or full-time mother.


But those things are not YOU.


You can fulfill your purpose anywhere you are, at any time.


My best friend is a Connector. She loves to connect people and groups together to help everybody benefit and win from the relationships she facilitates.  

When she sits down at her computer at night, she watches documentaries and Ted Talks that illuminate the value of connecting people and making the world a bit better, and a bit smaller, when people work in collaboration with one another.  

She’s professionally successful at connecting people and groups in high-level masterminds that have launched programs for as much as $100,000 in a single day.  

She’s found investors to help her build a coworking space so that she can use her gift to bring people together in a space that inspires them.

My sister is a Mediator. She’s the person everybody goes to when there’s conflict, strife, or tension.

She can help people find a resolution or compromise in nearly every circumstance on the planet. Even her divorce was incredibly peaceful; she and her husband filed, settled, and finalized their divorce within just weeks and without hiring separate attorneys.

She’s truly amazing at keeping peace even in otherwise stressful situations.  When on a family vacation, she holds everybody together.

And at work, she’s a highly-compensated HR executive who gracefully handles people’s problems and provides solutions to bring more cohesiveness, productivity, and fulfillment for her teams.

And me, you ask?

I’m an Activator.  I help men and women take the steps they need to move forward with decisions they’re hesitant, uneducated, or unconfident about. I help people gain the clarity, insight, and strategy to create their dream lives.

That’s how I got here in front of you today with this book; I thrive when I can share information with others that help them live their best lives.

For twenty months, I have studied almost nothing besides THIS formula. I have been a veritable warrior for discovering how to succinctly and accurately identify superpowers.

Once you know your Life’s Purpose, you’ll find that you suddenly feel more energized, satisfied, and prosperous in every aspect of your life.

So, without further ado, here are the Seven Simple Questions in my formula for finding YOUR life’s purpose.


  • Acknowledge Old Programs and Rewrite Them


The first step to finding your life’s purpose is to look “backward” at your past stories and programming.

Past stories about you and others are the enemy in the process of discovering who you truly are and living your best life.

Dr. Bruce Lipton shares research that reveals how 95% of our lives come from subconscious programming we “downloaded” before age seven.

Before age seven, children are in a lower state of consciousness called “theta” brain state; a time during which they are essentially in the same wavelength as one who is being hypnotized.

The problem is that once we become adults, we go on “autopilot” with our thoughts and actions.

If we “learned” to be poor, fat, depressed, anxious, or even suffer from disease, we often adopt these patterns without consciously choosing them.

The key to living your best life is to consciously choose to rewrite the programs in your head.

You can choose to create a new life, love relationships, business, wealth patterns, and even a healthier picture.

The reason you can choose to rewrite past stories is because of the phenomenon of epigenetics and neuroplasticity.

In my Live Your Best Life program, we go through numerous exercises to help you unearth and transmute these old programs to make room for new abundance.

When we rewire our minds, we rewrite our life stories.


  • What Puts You In Flow?



I seek Flow State every day, as often as humanly possible.

If I tell my friends I’m “in flow” with work, they won’t expect me to be anywhere soon…

We have an unwritten agreement that Flow State is sacred.

Here’s how you find your Flow State.

First, think about a time when you were performing a task that got your creative or intellectual juices flowing.

It could be while cooking, writing, painting, engineering, building, practicing yoga, rock climbing, or almost anything else.

During this time, you lost track of hours on end; even forgetting to eat or go to the bathroom.

When you begin to find the things that put you in this state, keep a list of them.

These circumstances that cause you to literally lose track of time because of your intense immersion in the experience are called “Flow State.”

Author Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi is the author who coined the term “flow.” He describes it as a mental state of complete absorption in the current experience.

It’s when you’re immersed in an activity that brings you deep personal satisfaction.

Flow State doesn’t just make us more “productive,” but while in flow, people usually feel true joy, enjoyment, creativity, and involvement with life.

As you train yourself to look for these Flow State moments, you may also find other satisfying moments are included, such as sharing coffee with a new friend, networking, helping somebody heal an illness or disease, consulting or coaching a client on a subject you know and love, or any number of things that you love to do and can do anywhere.

As you find the thing that puts you in “Flow State,” no matter where you are (and what “job” pays your bills at this time), you’re closer to finding your life’s purpose.


  • Do you know your ‘Zone of Genius’?


A term coined by Gay Hendricks in his book “The Big Leap,” your Zone of Genius is the thing you do better than almost anybody else you know.

Sadly, traditional education tries to make our C’s turn into A’s and only gives us 5% of the day to work on the things we’re good at.

But what if you did what you’re good at all day?

What if every writer, artist, engineer, dancer, or scientist could work in their unique demonstration from day one?

Starting today, what if you could focus most of your time on the thing you do uniquely well?


  • What Makes You Feel Happy?


One misconception about your life’s purpose is that you must feel like a martyr to do it well or profit from it. Not so!

Your purpose isn’t going to suck life from you; it’s going to be life-giving.

Your purpose isn’t the thing you “have to” do, such as become a doctor, for example. Your purpose is what will benefit and spread joy to everyone around you… but most importantly, it will give you true satisfaction with your life.

When something makes you feel happy; pay close attention to what you’re doing.

Our feelings are a gift from the Universe that show us how to charter the best life and co-create the life we were put on earth to live.

Feelings are, as author Rhonda Byrne says, a “frequency feedback mechanism.”


When you feel bad feelings, imagine sirens going off and a voice warning! “Bad feeling frequencies are going out. Counting down to manifestation!”


Your thoughts are the primary cause of everything.


What you feel, you attract. (Or, you get what you feel!)


Sometimes when you start the day on the wrong foot your whole day will spiral out of control because you started with bad feelings.


That is why, if in the morning my toddler tantrums, I make sure I spent 10 minutes in silence, even if it means throwing him in front of an iPad, because he will need me to be strong and have strong thoughts for the rest of the day.


It is my responsibility to have a good day, every day. Importantly, it is fully within my capabilities.


When you have happy feelings, you will attract things to sustain your happy feelings all day.



  • Connect With and Contribute To Others…



While I certainly do NOT advocate living for others’ or with mind for other people’s expectations of you, you’ll find true happiness in your purpose comes from how you can connect with and contribute to others.

Author Nick Seneca Jenkel recalls a survey done of 200,000 adults across 136 nations.

In the study, it was found that unequivocally, people who gave to others were the happiest; whether they were rich… or poor.

Money, alas, doesn’t buy happiness. But contributing to and connecting with others, it seems, does.

When you find the purpose in life that nourishes the most important person in your life: YOU, as well as those you touch; you’ve truly won the game of life.



  • Visualize Your Best Life…



Dennis Waitley is a renowned scientist who took visualization and made it a household name via the 1980s and 1990s Olympics through the Apollo Program.


He discovered, in short, that what you visualize MATERIALIZES.


A team hooked Olympic athletes up to sophisticated biofeedback mechanisms and had them perform their sport in their minds.


Their muscles fired in the same sequence when they were in the machine as when they were physically competing in their sport!


I love taking a mindful look at everything around me, often during meditation.


I enjoy pondering how everything created was once a visualization. Telephones, cars, spaceships, even the wheel.


Visualization is one of your greatest powers to live your best life.


John Assaraf, a lead expert in visualization, notes that when we visualize something, it activates our brain’s RAS, or Reticular Activation System.


This causes our brain to seek out pieces that will make our vision come to life.


Your world will rally around your dream life if you set your mind on a vision!


You brain will seek out missing pieces to the puzzle.


You will begin seeing signs and synchronicity to help you propel your deepest desires and visions.


(Live Your Best Life: A Journey in Engineering Your Dream Life, has a great chapter on Vision Boarding!)



  • Surrender.



In order to fully create your dream life, it is critical you take time in silence.


You can read every book on the planet, but if you don’t take time to sit in silence with your own thoughts, you won’t get anywhere fast.


Scientists suspect we have at least 60,000 thoughts every day. This means that in order to re-engineer our ideal life, we must control our thoughts.


When we spend time in silence or meditation, we become an observer of our own feelings.


This is a beautiful time because you best connect with your true self, desires, and strengths through REST.


Meditation, silence, staring at my vision board, and spending time in nature doing walking meditations are when some of my best ideas and most peaceful moments occur.


You see, if we don’t take time every week (ideally for a period of every morning right after we wake up) to simply BE, we cause our minds to feel chaotic.


Do you ever feel like there’s so much to do and you’ll never get it all done?


The truth is, you will never have more on your plate than you’re perfectly capable of handling.


The more you practice silence, the closer you are to the field of pure potentiality.


You will become more aware of the world around you.


And you will become less reactive to the chaos!



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