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Dear friend,

Have you ever had somebody tell you that you should write a book?

You might have tried for months or even years…

And now you’re tired of thinking of your book in terms of “someday”…

You may even fear that “someday” will never come…

You long to be a published author…

Most importantly, you have a message you know you need to tell. 

Well, congratulations.  Because today is the day you will manifest your book.

Best of all, you will publish that book in just 60 days.

You can get EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) you need to write, publish, and market your book, all in one place.

No more signing up for writing challenges or trying to force words from your head. And definitely no more time spent trying to figure it all alone.

It’s time to speak your truth and expand the impact your story has.

Writing a book is more than sitting your butt in the chair and putting words to paper (although sometimes that’s the hardest part). It has a lot of moving parts. Editing, launching, designing the cover, marketing, and oh yeah …actually writing the book! It’s a lot to wrap your head around, but it doesn’t have to be so complicated.  

And it definitely doesn’t have to take years.    

Write a Book in 60 Days is my live seminar and mastermind group program for entrepreneurs, writers, speakers, and anyone who wants to finally tell their story in a published format – without the overwhelm.    

I’ve helped dozens of clients translate their quiet musings to a full-fledged voice, create a cohesive manuscript to send to publishers, and expand their horizons to welcome opportunities beyond their wildest dreams.    

Now, it’s your turn.

Whether you have a Blog, a clothing shop, a dental practice, or a goal of speaking from stage at Ted with your story or expertise…

You need to write a book.

Let’s pretend you’re a full time mom with a phenomenal trick that potty trains children effortlessly.  Or maybe you have the Bible of sleep-training guides. Perhaps you’re a doula with techniques that promote “orgasmic” birth experiences.

Maybe you have a phenomenal trick that can kick postpartum weight to the curb, a medical procedure that cures disease, or a story to tell about your eating disorder recovery. No matter what you think, you have a message and it’s your purpose in life to make that message a movement that spreads to millions.

That’s Where We Come In…

In this 2-month long experience starting January 6, you’ll discover how to:

  • Create thousands of words of content overnight! (No more procrastination or overthinking!)

  • Tie your book into a strategic business plan so you can get the manuscript published and shared.

  • Use content creation tricks that help your book come together in weeks, not years⁣! (Including photoshoot and book cover tips!)

  • Align with influencers, experts and promoters so your story reaches more people easier than ever.

  • Launch your book using marketing strategies that increase visibility on social media to top media outlets!

You may not have the time. You may not have the writing skills. You may have perpetual writer’s block.

But these excuses haven’t gotten your book written yet, so why not try something different? 

The energy that goes into your writing is the same energy people will feel when they read your book, so let’s clear up the confusion, overthinking, and anxiety that comes from crafting your message into a manuscript, which is why…

We’ll work on how to:

Identify your voice

Speak to the reader in the voice they want to read – your voice – and use it to write the book you’ve always dreamed.

Manifest success with a business plan

We’ll create a business plan that details every step from acquiring domain names and building a website, to finally hitting publish and talking to the right people to get your message out there. As you sit down to take notes on what you want to write, we’re going to envision who’s going to read your book, how they’ll find it, and all the places you want the book to take you. (Private masterminds in Costa Rica. One-on-one coaching with families or corporate executives. The stage where you’ll be giving a killer Ted Talk.)

Guard yourself from self-doubt

Your manuscript is a vulnerable and impressionable baby.  You don’t want to bring negative or destructive energy anywhere around it. Naysayers won’t believe in you and their word will cause you to stumble along the way. You’ll clarify your vision and share it with people who will encourage you or bring the right referrals into your life to turn your book into a business.

Find your profitable and fun niche

By sharing what you’re uniquely qualified to speak about, you will cast a net in proportion to your audience. I could write a book on motherhood; but I’m a new mommy with only one child.  My book would get devoured. However, I wrote a book on baby travel that I’m uniquely qualified to write because I basically spent my son’s first 24 months on the road. What’s more, this narrows down my audience and targets a more manageable market. You’ll discover how to do the same.

Overcome your roadblocks

Your manuscript is a vulnerable and impressionable baby. You don’t want to bring negative or destructive energy anywhere around it because the naysayers won’t believe in you and their word will cause you to stumble along the way. You’ll clarify your vision and share it with people who will encourage you or bring the right referrals into your life to turn your book into a business.

You’ll also shift your mindset to match that of a resilient writer who finishes their book and says “yes” to the next big opportunity!

Open doors for your business or brand

If you write about your expertise, it opens the doors for your brand or business to go global. Not only will you benefit from book sales, but everybody who’s looking for a coach, consultant, or speaker on this subject can find you.Penning your thoughts will establish your credibility in this field and likely send hoards of hungry customers to your door for private consulting.

Imagine what you’re going to feel like once you’ve written your book, have a proven business and marketing plan to share it with the world, see thousands of raving fans gushing over it, and are finally seen for your expertise.

  • You wake up and see an email from another reader who tells you that your book completely changed their life, thanking you for sharing your story!

  • You get to speak on stages and panels because your book topic is taking the world by storm.

  • Your friends and family tell you that you just seem more confident, and you finally feel that deep fulfillment from your finishing and sharing the book, knowing you are impacting people all over the world.

That’s why I created this intimate experience and support system so you can write your book in 60 days or less!

My followers have watched me publish book after book during the past five years, and knowing I’m the mother of a toddler with several businesses, they’re all saying, “how does she do it?!” ⁣

I’m sharing my TOP SECRETS to writing great books fast in this 2-month long mastermind and live training…

The last day to enroll is January 5, 2021

Are YOU ready to tell your story?⁣


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